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Let’s talk windows!

As a proud homeowner, household maintenance is vital in ensuring value of your home. While some believe windows do not need to be detailed and cleaned regularly, there are actually many reasons to have your windows professionally detailed on a regular basis. Glass contains many microscopic peaks and valleys that can capture and trap debris, pollen, pollutants, rust and even calcium. Window glass that is not cleaned can become water spotted and appear weathered over time which will gradually etch the window and lead to a loss of integrity within the glass itself. Additionally, a windows R-Value (resistance to heat gain or loss) is based on the assumption that the window is clean and if the window is dirty, the accumulated debris can reduce the efficiency of your windows.

Residential Window Cleaning

Allow us to keep your windows looking fantastic! We are neat, clean, and respectful of your property, and treat it as if it were our own. We clean the window glass (as requested), plus our friendly team will squeegee your windows thoroughly inside and out! We can also attend to your 3rd story or hard-to-reach windows as requested. Your glass surfaces are washed with a gentle cleaning solution internally and pure water externally – used with our high-quality squeegee equipment and will not harm tinting or other protective films.

Why is cleaning my windows beneficial?

Enhance the image of your residence. No matter how clean and organized your home is, dirty windows can make your residence still look unclean, uninviting and ultimately not motivating.  Avoid Glass Degradation – While most of the reasons to keep windows clean are for aesthetic reasons, clean windows can help enhance the strength and durability of your windows. As glass is a porous material, it can become contaminated with different pollutants. Over time, glass can become less transparent when it is exposed to the pollutants without being cleaned. Minerals and oxidation can pose threats to the integrity of the windows. So, it is essential to keep your windows clean to prolong the life of your investment. Natural UV Light Efficiency – Dust that accumulates on windows will begin to reflect UV light and prevent the natural warmth from the sun to penetrate through the glass. By keeping your windows clean, you save on your energy bills and further avoid mould growth that will lead to increase costs in repairs and/or possible need for replacement window sooner than later.

Why is cleaning my solar panels beneficial?

Most solar panel systems use a glass coating to protect solar cells. Dust and dirt settle on the protective glass panels; as the material accumulates, it gradually decreases the amount of sunlight the solar cells receive. Keeping the glass panel faces clean maximizes the system’s ability to generate electricity. Studies have shown that solar panels in very dirty environments saw a 25 percent drop in efficiency from atmospheric pollution alone. Combining these two effects, a solar panel located in a heavily polluted environment that hasn’t been cleaned in a month or more might see a total efficiency drop of 35 percent or more.

How is “Pure Water window cleaning” different?

“Pure Water window cleaning” does not use any soaps to break up the dirt on your windows. Ultra-pure water, which has a TDS (total-dissolved-solids) reading of 0 (zero) is “created” at our office and used to dissolve and rinse away the dirt on your windows.
We use the term “created” because water with a TDS reading of 0 does not exist in nature. “Pure Water” is aggressive when it comes to removing dirt, because it chemically seeks out dirt to bond with, as water wants to return to its naturally dirty state. It is completely environmentally safe!


The purified water has a very high solvency level, and wants to grab the dirt. The brushes on the poles disturb the dirt which is then grabbed by the water without the need for chemicals. The dirty water is then rinsed off the windows using additional purified water. Because the purified water has no residue, the windows can be left to dry naturally for a spotless finish. Furthermore, the water is PH neutral and  does not attract new dirt as quickly as windows cleaned with chemical agents. Your windows stay cleaner for longer.


These specially designed lightweight poles allow us to reach high windows (up to 3 storeys!) without the need for ladders. This minimises the risk of injury to our staff, and damage to your property. A thin feeder line transports the purified water up the poles where it is sprayed through the brush nozzle at low pressure so it can be controlled easily.


Awesome, professional and friendly service from Craig and his team at Window Wizzards. Reasonably priced. 100% neat and tidy. I will be a regular customer. Highly recommend. Thanks Craig
– Kim Hale